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Mayhem in Monsterland - 15th Anniversary Edition!

One Man & His Mic - Series 2 now online!

Greetings retro fans!! Welcome to the Binary Zone Interactive website. Binary Zone is a company dedicated to supporting the Commodore 64 and has been doing so since 1990! As well as having a huge PD library which contains HUNDREDS of amazing disks for the C64 (some of which you can now download for FREE) we've also produced an array of Audio Music CDs filled with digitally recorded C64 music. A brand new range of superb hi-res Glossy Retro Prints featuring classic computer systems is also available. This site also contains details of C64 related CD-ROM titles, the quality Commodore Zone magazine, the top 20 Binary Zone Babes list + more!

F.David Thorpe - ZX Spectrum Picture Gallery
F.David Thorpe - ZX Spectrum Picture Gallery NOW ONLINE!

Pure 6581
10 Complete Binary Zone Music CDs on one superb DVD-ROM!

The first Binary Zone Interactive Archive Collection DVD-ROM is NOW AVAILABLE! This stunning DVD-ROM contains every single track from TEN Binary Zone audio music CDs. Every track from each CD is presented as a maximum quality mp3 file and also as a 'flac' (lossless audio) file which you can play in Winamp or your portable music player!

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Brand New Binary Zone Retro Store Now Online!

The Binary Zone Online Store has had a complete overhaul and revamp and a shiny new feature-packed Binary Zone Interactive Retro Store is now online! It contains the complete Binary Zone product range along with a whole host of nifty features including customer login, online order tracking, search facility, gift certificates, product reviews and much more! To check out the new store click the banner below!

The New Binary Zone RetroStore is NOW ONLINE!

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You can now receive the latest news and info about new Binary Zone products, special offers and site updates by joining the Binary Zone mailing List! To join the list you will need to sign up on the new Binary Zone Interactive Retro Store. It's quick, easy and as well as giving you access to various member benefits you can also can also unsubscribe from the list at any time.

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Download Binary Zone C64 Disks For FREE!
You can now download over 200 Binary Zone disks from this site totally FREE of charge! Click HERE to check out the first part of the FREE Binary Zone range! Keep an eye on this site for more updates and more FREE goodies coming SOON!

Pure 6581
Over 200 *REAL* Commodore 64
tunes on one superb CD-ROM!

The ultimate Commodore 64 music collection is HERE! We've sifted through the vast Binary Zone Interactive studio recording archive to bring you over 200 genuine Commodore 64 tracks recorded DIRECTLY from the C64! These aren't remixed or updated in any way, the CD-ROM contains crystal clear recordings of REAL C64 music!

Commodore Zone 10 Year Anniversary!

A superb range of hand-printed deluxe A2 retro prints are now available from Binary Zone Interactive including the fantastic Back in Time Live event posters! Click HERE for details about the prints that are currently available.

Need a SCART or PHONO TV / Monitor lead for your C64? Then CLICK HERE!

Back in Time Live Rehearsal Videos

If you are familiar with the C64 then you may have already heard of Binary Zone PD. Now that Binary Zone is offering a more wide range of products including many audio CD and PC CD-ROM releases the company was relaunched under the name Binary Zone Interactive. The Zone is still being run by me (Kenz) with the assistance of assorted C64 heroes, various chums and contacts and assorted alcoholic beverages ... !

Want to know how to get your C64 online? - CLICK HERE!

On this site you will find details of everything that is currently available from the Zone with full ordering details - and now you can order ONLINE and pay for your goodies via PayPal. To navigate around the site simply select one of the buttons on the left of the screen or use the links at the bottom of this page. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the Binary Zone logo above the buttons on the left.

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Any techno buffs who are watching may be interested to know that this site was originally designed and produced by Mat Recardo (he did all the tricky bits!) All the later site updates and certain design elements were done by me (Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie). Special thanks to Vinny Mainolfi and Frank Gasking who originally assisted me with getting this site uploaded onto the Net. Cheers dudes!

Sections available in this site:-

• Binary Zone Retro Store Now Online! •
• Download FREE Binary Zone disks!! •
• One Man & His Mic - Retro Podcast Show! •
• Commodore Zone (C64 magazine) •
• Psytronik Software •
• Binary Zone Information Station •
• The Top 20 Binary Zone babes •
• BitLive 2002 Rehearsal Clips •
• Links to other sites •
• Greetings Gallery •
• Multi Screen Construction Kit •
• Xmas Chortles!! •
• The Making Of The Specadore 64! •
• F.David Thorpe ZX Spectrum Picture Gallery •
• Email the Zone •

This site was first uploaded: 28th November 1998.
It was last updated: 18th October 2012.

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