Oh no, you've stumbled on a rubbish C64 gag!

Binary Zone Interactive is proud to present a tried and tested way of getting a humble C64 "online"!

This C64 is quite literally ON LINE!  Hohoho!

GROAN! This rather pointless section on my website was inspired by my little brother (when he was 9!) I'd obtained some C64 gear which had been stored in a garage. I gave it all a good cleaning and as I wanted to avoid getting any water from the cleaned C64 cover on the components I pegged it on the washing line to dry along with two dust covers which came with the C64. When my little brother saw this he quipped "Is that how you get a C64 *ON LINE*!!" How we laughed!

If you can come up with a similar HILARIOUS (?) visual C64 related gag then EMAIL it to me and I'll add it to this section.

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