'Zine 64 Interview

Published in issue 2 of 'Zine 64 (September 1995)

This issue of 'Zine 64 appeared towards the end of 1995 - just as Commodore Format was going down the toilet. (This issue actually speaks of the imminent demise of the mag in fact - which came soon after). The weird thing about this interview is how it is totally not weird in the slightest. Another weird thing is I have absolutely no memory of doing this interview ... Weird! (Well, it was 4 years ago!)

OK, today on the hotspot is Jason (Kenz) Mackenzie from Binary Zone PD ...
Well I must say, this must be one of the weirdest interviews of all time!

Z64 - Hello Kenz, how long has Binary Zone been going for if you would be so kind to tell us ?

Kenz - Binary Zone began life in 1989 which means it's been around now for SIX YEARS!

Z64 - What's your favourite game ?

Kenz - My all-time favourite game is Uridium but I also enjoy playing Armalyte, Ghosts & Goblins, Paradroid, Creatures along with about a zillion others.

Z64 - What's your least favourite game ?

Kenz - Streethawk. People were expected to pay money for that pile of pants?

Z64 - How many members do you have ?

Kenz - I currently have 2908 disk members and 1468 tape members. Thats 4376 members in total in 20 different countries in the world.

Z64 - What are your most recent projects for the C64 ?

Kenz - I'm currently compiling 'Update 10' which will feature numerous splendid new demo releases. Theres too many to mention them all here.

Z64 - Do you (the company) program any of the programs yourself?

Kenz - Yep, Binary Zone is constantly releasing demos. The next big release from Binary Zone will be 'The Ultimate Martin Galway Music Collection'. I'm also a member of the demo group Cosine and am working on some demos with the Cosine crew.

Z64 - How'd you get involved in PD ?

Kenz - I used to buy PD from Wicked PD which was run by Compunet duo Ian & Mic. I really enjoyed the software they offered but they sadly left the C64 scene. I thought it would be cool to do something similar and carry on where they left off so Binary Zone PD was born.

Z64 - Thanks, see 'ya later!

Kenz - Bye-bye dudes!

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