Binary Zone PD Catalogue Update #3

There's a very nice selection of demo releases on this catalogue update including some very impressive co-op demos produced by two demo crews working together. Cosmos and Blackmail joined forces to produce 'Cosmail' whilst Crest and Genesis Project worked together to produce 'Trust Your Eyes'. Other highlights include 'Brutal 3' from Light, 'Kalle Kloakk' from MSI, the 'Wiz Up & Urp' demo and the excellent demo 'The Legacy' from Flash Inc. This update also includes some really neat 1-file demos including 'Dual Cassette II' from Ash & Dave (BZD106), 'Moonscape' by Cross (BZD111), the fantastic 'Terminus' demo (BZD114) and the brilliant 'McGottifant' cartoon demo (BZD124). This update also sees the release of the first highly popular 'PD Games Disk'.

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Binary Zone PD Catalogue Update #3

BZD106 - Heating (Topaz)

This is the first demo I`ve seen from this group and it's not bad! Each part is polished and features some clever effects. Disk also includes the brill 'Dual Cassette 2' by Ash & Dave.

Heating (Topaz)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD106]

BZD107 - Brutal 3 (Light)

Here it is! The technically STUNNING competition winning follow-up to the classic 'Brutal 2' (BZD046). This demo contains some extremely fast Vector graphics, some truly superb colour effects (128 colours!) and a brilliant 'Real-Time ZoomScroll' (In the border!)

Brutal 3 (Light)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD107]

BZD108 - Boozed (Pirates)

This is more like it! The 'Pirates' of Norway show what they can really do with this great release featuring cool graphics from Coroner and some good samples + lots more! Worth a look.

Boozed (Pirates)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD108]

BZD109* - The 'Cosmail' Demo

What do you get if you cross two superb demo groups (Cosmos and Blackmail)? An amazing co-op demo of course! This demo features excellent graphics and sprite handling as well as a host of other wicked effects. Disk also features several other neat demos!

Cosmail (Cosmos & Blackmail)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD109 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD109 Side B]

BZD110 - Kalle Kloakk (MSI)

Here's a smart release from MegaStyle with a 'Cycleburning' intro (Splendid samples!) and a host of other excellent effects! Disk also includes a fantastic music pack featuring seven of the superb 'Ghouls 'n' Ghosts' tunes as well as 'Armalyte' & 'Dan Dare' etc + many more!

Kalle Kloakk (MSI)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD110]

BZD111 - Debut (Xentrix)

Here's the first demo release from 'MAD' of Xentrix and it's great! Very polished with some excellent music! Disk also includes 'Tour de Force' by Origo (Brilliant!) and a very innovative and well coded music demo called 'Moonscape' by Cross. Recommended.

Moonscape (Cross)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD111]

BZD112* - Kanon Korven

This is a HUGE release spread over two disk-sides sporting lots of cool effects and good music. Disk also includes a cool demo by Black & White and the 'Xentrix in 1991' demo ...

Kanon Korven

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD112 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD112 Side B]

BZD113 - Wiz Up & Urp

Is this a graphic show? Is this a demo? no, it's both! And it's EXCELLENT! This disk is superbly presented and the graphics are of a very high quality. Splendid stuff!

Wiz Up & Urp

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD113]

BZD114 - SpriteMania!

Here's a great release by 'S.E.S' of Genesis Project with a demo containing 290 sprites onscreen (!!!), a brilliant hi-res anim made totally of sprites and a smart 'Stretcher'. Disk also includes 'Tatooine' from Alive (featuring an excellent 3D face) along with the superb 'Terminus' demo from Drew Rodger - based on the classic John Carpenter movie 'Dark Star'.

Tatooine (Alive)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD114]

BZD115 - Trust Your Eyes

This is another brilliant co-op demo, this time by the mighty Crest and Genesis Project. Disk also includes a music demo produced by Dominators contains all the superb music from the cartridge epic 'Shadow of the Beast'!!!

Trust Your Eyes (Crest & Genesis Project)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD115]

BZD116 - Prime Time (Spherical Designs)

Here is the Megademo from Spherical Designs which is rather
fine and a demo from Antic called 'Ethic' which features some
cool effects! Why not give them a try?!

Prime Time (Spherical Designs)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD116]

BZD117 - Golden Oldies 2

Yes! It's finally here! The follow-up to the classic BZD025 (Golden Oldies). This disk contains 'Circlesque', 'The Juggler' by Ratt, 'DNA' (Yak), the 'Chicken Song' + much more!

The Juggler (Ratt)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD117]

BZD118 - Style Designs

This is a very polished demo with some excellent graphics and effects. The only drawback is most of the scrolltext is in Norwegian! Still very good though! Disk also includes 'Art of IQ' from Zone 45 which features smart raster effects amongst other things!

Style Designs

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD118]

BZD119 - Heineken 2

Yet another follow-up, this time to the Megademo on 'BZD088'. I think this is the best demo in their series so far with some excellent coding, graphics and music. The demo starts with some nicely animated spinning skulls. Check it out!

Heineken 2

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD119]

BZD120 - No Wonder (Lower Level)

Here's a demo from the group 'Lower Level'. The intro is very well coded with flawless raster effects and the rest of the demo is great too! Disk also includes the brilliant X-Ample demo 'Breeze of Diogones' and the Maniacs of Noise music from 'Mr Heli'.

Breeze of Diogones (X-Ample)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD120]

BZD121* - Multipart Mania 5

Two disk-sides of Multipart demos basically means LOADS of demo parts! The demos are 'Lunacy 2' by Antic (Excellent first part), the Darkstar Megademo, a multipart demo by 'Cult' called 'On Tour' and a neat Cosmos Designs demo called 'On Fire'.

Dark Times (Darkstar Designs)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD121 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD121 Side B]

BZD122 - Digi Music 3

This 'Sample Packed' disk contains the brilliant 'Amiga Works' demo by Bonzai (Kaos!!), a sample player with all the amazing digi sounds used in 'Turbo Outrun', 'Hot Rod' and 'BMX Kidz'. Disk also includes a lengthy music sample and a clever speech demo.

Amiga Works (Bonzai)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD122]

BZD123 - Imagination (Voice)

'The Voice' are back with this quality release featuring a selection of excellent demos. Disk also includes 'Insanity' by Beyond Force and a neat 'Sinus Editor' with great music.

Imagination (Voice)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD123]

BZD124* - The Legacy

Superb! That describes this demo from Flash Inc. It features many amazing parts including 'Filled Raster Vectors' to name just one effect. Disk also includes a graphically amazing Logic demo, 'Mc Gottifant' (Cartoon anim) + more! Highly Recommended Disk!!!

The Legacy

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD124 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD124 Side B]

BZU004* - Utilities Disk 2

After many requests here it is! Another two disk-sides of handy utilities which include music editors, crunchers, graphic editors and a brilliant selection of utilities from Padua.

The Robb Hubbard Music Editor V1.5 (B.H.T)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZU004 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZU004 Side B]

BZG001* - PD Games Disk 1

Here is the disk I know a lot of you have been waiting for. Two disk-sides of fully playable PD games which include shoot 'em ups, puzzlers and even a 'break out' game! Check them out!

Legoland Simulator!

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZG001 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZG001 Side B]

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