Binary Zone PD Catalogue Update #2

The second update to be bolted onto the Binary Zone catalogue saw the first milestone reached in the history of BZ - the 100th demo disk! And this honour was bestowed on the fabulous 'Torture' demo from Padua. A fine demo with a somewhat troublesome loader which only seemed to work on a standard 1541 disk drive. If you have any problems emulating this release then that's why. Other highlights in this update include the excellent 'Wild At Heart' demo from Panoramic Design (I always loved their releases), some nice releases from Censor and the highly polished (but hard to emulate) Best Of Megaparts 1 & 2. Great stuff!

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contents of every single disk featured in this catalogue update.

Binary Zone PD Catalogue Update #2

BZD081 - Antifriction

This is an excellent multipart demo from Future Technologics. It is well programmed with superb graphics and music as well as a full game for the last part! Great stuff! Disk also includes the 'London Demo' from the Masters Design Group and a brilliant music demo.

Antifriction (Future Technologics)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD081]

BZD082 - Classic Mix 5

Features: 'Typical' from Beyond Force (Some wicked parts!), the excellent 'Bonzieed' demo which is based on the famous 'COMA' demo on the Amiga, a 'Plot' demo from Level 11 and the excellent 'Smooth Criminal' demo from Ash & Dave which features Maniacs Of Noise music!

Smooth Criminal (Ash & Dave)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD082]

BZD083 - Showcase Bonanza

This is a very polished whole-disk release from Miracle featuring a great 'Raster' part and a wicked bit of logo manipulation as well as plenty of great music and other smart effects!

Showcase Bonanza (Miracle)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD083]

BZD084 - Lethal Display 3

An excellent release from Bonzai filling a whole disk side! There's a stunningly hi-res interlaced 'FLI' pic (Juno), a 3D ball made up from dots and much more! Classic stuff!

Lethal Display 3 (Bonzai)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD084]

BZD085 - Music Invasion 1

Here we have an entire disk-side of superb tunes all ripped by Trans X. The disk is well presented and features over 30 tunes including a host of classic demo tunes.

Music Disk Part III (Trans-X)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD085]

BZD086 - Music Invasion 2

More ace music here with a TAT demo featuring superb samples as well as a mindblowing 'Filled' 3D spinning logo. Disk also features 13 groovy tunes ripped by Betrayer of Xentrix!

Digi-Soundz (TAT)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD086]

BZD087 - Nasty (Paragon)

This colourful Paragon Megademo features lots of great parts including a wicked bit of raster wobbling and a great spinning logo amongst other things. A very good release!

Nasty (Paragon)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD087]

BZD088 - Heineken 1

This is the follow-up to 'Budweiser 2' (BZD066). It features a massive 'Border Scroll', a smart 'Star Wars Scroller' part + much more! Disk includes 7 great tunes produced by Tristar.

Heineken 1 (Death Sector)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD088]

BZD089 - Multipart Mania 4

Three great multipart demos all crammed onto only one disk-side! They are: 'Xenophobia' (Xentrix), 'Fanatix' (ATG) and 'Unity' (Stash). A great selection!

Xenophobia (Xentrix)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD089]

BZD090 - Supreme Quality 6

This smart disk contains a SUPERB demo from Triad. It features some of the very smoothest solid 3D I've ever seen on a C64, some great samples and wicked graphics! Disk also includes 'Total Recall' from Xentrix, nothing to do with the great film but still a good multipart demo!

Lickpipe (Triad)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD090]

BZD091 - Batmania!

This is the great 'Prequel' to Batmania 2 (Never!) and features loads
of great parts dedicated to the Caped Crusader with a part featuring an
excellent 'Bat-Dance' sample! Disk also includes an 'Iron Maiden'
demo with some nice samples!

Batmania (ATG)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD091]

BZD092 - Dark Times

Another Megademo! This one comes from Horizon and contains a nice
calculated 3D logo plus some other great logo manipulations as well
as lots of other polished parts.

Dark Times (Horizon)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD092]

BZD093* - Galastic Panache

This rather strangely named disk contains the excellent 'Just 4 Parts' from Cosmos Designs, 'Kickin' Back' by Style, 'Flabbergasted!' by TSD and 'Nuclear Warhead' by Defcon One.

Just 4 Parts (Cosmos Designs)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD093 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD093 Side B]

BZD094* - The 4th Dimension

What can I say about this release from The Voice apart from WOW! It's great! Many of the parts feature effects only seen on the Amiga like 'Unlimited Bobs', the 'DMOB' music-disk picture (nice girly, big gun!), lots of filled 3D graphics and much more! Great entertainment!

The 4th Dimension (Voice)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD094 Side A]
[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD094 Side B]

BZD095 - Wild At Heart

Yet another ORIGINAL and brilliant demo from Panoramic Designs (Creators of the superb 'Digital Delight' on BZD069). Disk also includes a graphically excellent Genesis Project demo.

Wild At Heart (Panoramic Designs)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD095]

BZD096 - Public Relations

Here we have a cool Megademo release from Oracle which features both a 'Tech-Tech' and 'DYCP' in the border, a great plotter part and heaps more! This demo takes up an entire disk-side!

Public Relations (Oracle)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD096]

BZD097 - Jukebox V.2.

Yet another treat for C64 music fans with this
massive collection of tunes compiled by 'Time'.

Jukebox V.2. (Time)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD097]

BZD098 - Nortrax Megademo

This demo was produced by both 'Nortrax' and 'The Pirates' of Norway
and features the usual effects and scrollers, a neat tune with samples
and a tune from the Batman (The movie) game.

Nortrax Megademo

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD098]

BZD099 - The New Style

Here is Demotions contribution to the demo scene and it features a smart twisting vertical scroller, a nice 'Plot' part, more amazing 'Unlimited Bobs' and a stunning stretchy scroller!

The New Style (Demotion)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD099]

BZD100 - Torture (Padua)

Brilliant! That describes this extremely well coded demo. It does far too many mindblowing things to mention here. Please note: This demo unfortunately contains some harsh language.

Torture (Padua)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD100]

BZD101 - 1 Year In Wonderland!

Censor Design are back and bring you this mini-compilation of their best demo parts over the past year. Great stuff for all you Censor fans out there!

1 Year In Wonderland (Censor Design)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD101]

BZD102 - For Your Eyes Only

Another Censor demo!! This features superb samples in the opening part and some simply excellent 'Iron Maiden' artwork. Disk also includes 'Digital Excess' (Another great 'COMA' style demo) and 'Sensorial' which is a polished release from Sense.

For Your Eyes Only (Censor Design)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD102]

BZD103 - Mist 2 (Vision)

A great follow-up to a great original demo (BZD063). This demo features many excellent parts including an effect which I thought I'd never see on a CBM 64 - PLASMA!

Mist 2 (Vision)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD103]

BZD104 - Triad Demo Disk

This disk features a great multipart demo (Pravda), a brilliant and
very popular sample-packed demo (Red October) and a superb
graphic demo (The Sarge Show).

Pravda (Triad)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD104]

BZD105 - Megaparts 1 & 2

Genesis Project present a compilation of their best demos coded by S.E.S and I must say they really are excellent! Note: This demo unfortunately does not work on certain '1541-II' disk-drives.

Megaparts 1 & 2 (Genesis Project)

[Click HERE to download a .D64 disk image of BZD105]

If this bundle of disks got you all excited in a special retro place (oo-er!) then you may be interested in the Binary Zone PD CD-ROM Collection which features the ENTIRE Binary Zone PD range spread over 2 CDs (Over 700 .D64 disk images in total!) Click HERE for more info about the BZ CD-ROM Collection.

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