Binary Zone Tour

Now's your chance to take a sneaky peek behind the scenes of Binary Zone Interactive!! This is how the Binary Zone looked during it's "heydey" (at the time when I was still sending out C64 disks). Now at last you can see where all those 'Binary Zone PD' disks were produced, where the 'Commodore Zone' magazine was put together and where those digitally recorded 'SID' music CD's were put together ... Yep, for your entertainment and enjoyment I present to you a guided tour around the Zone. As Sir David Frost would say (with big pauses between his words) ... "Let's go ... through ... the keyhole!"

(This is a slightly tweaked version of the Zone tour featured on the Back in Time 3 CD-ROM companion)

Binary Zone Door

Firstly, please observe all the warning notices before we enter 'The Zone' ... It contains dangerous and hazardous electronic equipment (C64's) and possible biological hazards (my socks). Alcohol is permitted in the Zone as long as you don't spill any on my nice blue carpet. Ear protection may be required if I decide to fire up the Pro-Logic stereo system ... Proceed with extreme caution!

The corner of the Zone

Welcome to Binary Zone Interactive! You are now facing the door you have
just come through. On the back of the door you can see my two Star Wars 'photo mosaics' (pictures made up from zillions of little scenes from Star Wars) Underneath is my Tomb Raider poster (from the first game which is still my fave in the range). To the left you can see the Binary Zone 'in-tray' (which is full as usual) and above that is a nice framed glossy print of 'wet hair Scully'. On the desk next to my in-tray is my trusty Epson 600 printer and on the wall behind it are two pics of Emily Booth from Bits (one of which has been signed for me by the fair maiden herself!) On the shelves you can see CD's, books, games and lots of video's ...

Looking at the shelves

You are now looking at my shelves which are crammed with assorted video's (mostly sci-fi and X-Files type stuff). The four disk boxes on the bottom shelf contain the more recent Binary Zone C64 demo disks along with all sorts of goodies I've been sent from my contacts. Next to the disk boxes you can see one or two PlayStation games (ahem!) Every issue of Commodore Zone is stood next to the CD's (that little rainbow of colour) and next to these are some games (Creatures 1 & 2, Summer Camp. Last Ninja 3 and Rocket Ranger). Underneath the shelves you can see my ancient topless pic of Anna Friel (she's hiding her boobs behind her arms, I'm not THAT pervy!), Madchen Amick from Twin Peaks and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine from Star Trek:Voyager). Above that pic is a smiley photo of Emily Dunn and Emily Booth (which you can't quite see thanks to the reflection in the glass).

Another corner of the Zone

Looking into this corner you can now clearly see the framed Queen Amidala poster which I bought all the way back from a trip to the States. On the other wall is my amazing (and BIG) poster of the lovely Sherilyn Fenn from Twin Peaks (as you may have guessed I'm a big Twin Peaks fan!) And no, I'm not going to do any obvious 'Twin Peaks' gags!! In the corner there's a nice poster of Andrea Corr and next to her are my two Bits party photo's (Bouff and Emily D).

Lava Lamp and Lara Croft!

Continuing to turn round you are now looking down at my desk which contains my Commodore 64C. This was the first C64 I ever owned and only later did I get some of the older 'breadbin' models. Also on my desk is my new blue lamp (which matches my carpet), my lava lamp (in full 'blobble' mode), my Lara Croft statue which I love lots and my two 'virtual' fish (called Mulder and Scully). On the two disk drives next to the C64 you can see all of the Commodore Zone disk covermounts.

The C64 and the Amstrad

In this pic you can see both my C64C and my Amstrad CPC6128. There's an assortment of items on top of the C64 TV (more about those in a minute) and on top of the Amstrad there's a Clanger, Mulder & Scully figures and two little fimo things I made. Behind them is my Darth Vader mask which you can't quite see! Check out the CD rack ... I bought this so I could tidy away all the CD's that were piled up around the Zone. The rack holds 132 CD's ... That's when I discovered I had 135 CD's lying around! D'OH!

Junk on top of the telly

Here's a closer view of all the stuff on top of my telly. From left to right at the front there's my Dot (from ReBoot) figure, a big-headed Posh Spice (hehe!), an alien grey, a shiny Terminator head, some Star Trek Micro-Machines and my little Harley Quinn figure. Behind Dot you can just see Beavis & Butthead, there's a battle droid riding his STAP and my Terminator Endoskeleton model (which, despite being a rough and tough Terminator is the most fragile thing I own!) Oh, and you can also see my plasma globe in this picture. I guess I should have switched it on for this pic, eh? (Oops!)

The gang's all here!

Blimey, is this a retro computer convention or what?! In this pic you can see my Amiga 1200 sat on the desk with my ickle 48K Speccy sat next to it. My trusty old Snes is next to the Speccy and above that lot is my breadbin C64. Underneath the Amiga is the Dreamcast (I guess this will be retro soon too - thanks to Sega!) Oh, and check out the cool 'Cauldron II' loading screen being displayed by the Amstrad.

Various computers vs Mecha-Godzilla!

Turning around a bit more we get to see one of the PC's that inhabit the Zone (to the right of the pic). This is the baby on which I produce my SID CD's. It's wired directly to both my C64's is also equipped with a HardSID card! Right in the corner you can see my 'Mecha-Godzilla' Technics stereo system. Loads of Binary Zone PD disks are in the boxes on the top shelf in this pic. Underneath are an assortment of CD's (J.M.Jarre, Mark Shreeve, Kraftwerk etc.) You can just about see a cartoon pic of Emily Booth next to the CD's ... On top of the TV is my Snake Plissken figure ... "Call me Snake!" and the TV itself is showing 'Dead or Alive 2' which was running on the Dreamcast.

The two PC's in the Zone

In this pic you can see both my PC monitors. The one on the left is running this here CD-ROM and the one on the right is sitting happily in Windows™. The Windows™ backdrop on the big monitor was sent to me by the Bits gang as a prezzie (cos I pestered them for those cartoon doodles of the girls! Hehe!) Sat on top of that monitor is Gizmo (my Mogwai Furby). Next to Gizmo is an Alien Facehugger beanie!! Behind Gizmo you can see my binders which are filled with Games Machine mags and Zzap's etc. On the desk with the PC on the left is my Speccy 128!

The Binary Zone - with extra Bits!

We've now come full circle on our tour of the Zone. This piccy features the PC on which 'Commodore Zone' and all my websites are produced ... Behind the PC you can see my signed pic of the Bits babes (which I got cos I'm a spawny twonk) and there's a little framed version of one of my fave Bouff pics next to them. On the desk next to the phone you can just see my little transparent purple GameBoy Color ... Right, I think that's everything. Thank you for visiting Binary Zone Interactive. Please collect all your possessions before you leave and please leave any litter in the little red bin by the door. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed your visit ... (Oh, and thanks to Rich M for lending me his digital camera to take these snaps!) Kenz / BZ

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