Commodore Zone Issue #$09

This issue features news on an exciting C64 audio music CD which is currently in production, an excellent five page interview with former 'Maniac of Noise' Jeroen Tel, reader letters, PD and classic game reviews, another seven pages of games tips written by Waz Pilkington, 1986 is re-visited in 'The History Of The C64' and that's not all ... ! There's also in-depth reviews of PlaySID for the Amiga and SidPlay for the PC, part 6 of our 'Hex Files' C64 coding course, another great episode of Alf Yngve's superbly drawn comic story 'Genetic Ninja' and yet another dose of C64 music reviews in the 'Covenant & the Sword' feature!! This issue contains 48 pages in total.

The Last Amazon

Covermount Contents
The covermount for issue 9 contains the superb and long awaited Alf Yngve action game 'The Last Amazon' who also graces the front cover! (The game also comes with a separate intro sequence). The covermount also contains our exclusive Tomb Raider C64 demo! (No, it's NOT playable but it does feature Lara Croft as well as a rendition of the game theme tune!) There's also an excellent music pack coded by Andy Roberts (who worked with Apex on 'Mayhem In Monsterland'), another 'Get a Life' cheat pack from Jon Wells, an adventure game from Damian Steele, an exclusive Binary Zone PD multipart demo and there's even a sneak preview of a forthcoming C64 Spice Girls demo + more games, pictures and demos!!

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(The two emulator compatible .D64 disk images feature all the programs detailed above - 295kb .ZIP)

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