Commodore Zone issue 16 - The last ever issue!

After a tiny weeny delay (of a year and a half!) the good news is that Commodore Zone issue 16 is now available at last!! The bad news is this is sadly the last ever issue of the mag ... But don't despair!! We've pulled out all the stops to make this the biggest and best issue of Commodore Zone EVER!! The mag features a massive 76 pages in total crammed with Commodore 64 news, reviews, features and general coolness!!

Commodore Zone Issue 16 - Filled with nice Bits!

The final bumper issue of CZ contains news from the wonderful world of the C64, interviews with Manfred Trenz (the creator of Turrican), Reyn Ouwehand (composer of the Last Ninja 3 soundtracks) and a four page picture packed interview with the lovely Emily "Bouff" Booth (TV presenter and game goddess!) The mag also contains reports from both of the superb Back in Time Live events and a massive review of the amazing Back in Timeł CD. There's also reviews of some funky new C64 demos released in the new millennium, game tips and hacks courtesy of Waz Pilkington and the HardSID PC soundcard is given the CZ review treatment ... The PC remake of the classic C64 blaster Gridrunner is also reviewed in this issue and the motley entries to the 2001 C64 Crap Game Compo are scrutinised by a very bemused Kenz!

Manfred Trenz Interview Deus Ex Machina Review Bouff goes retro!

Our History of the C64 feature takes a look at the events of 1993, Andy Roberts wonders if the future will ever be as much fun as the past in his Life, the C64 and Everything feature and Waz gets his hands dirty in the world of Commodore Controversies ... Chris Abbott reviews the 8-Bit Stylez sound sample library designed to give commercial musicians access to the lovely squidgy noises generated by the SID chip and Frank Gasking unearths some real gems for his Games that Weren't feature. This issue also sees a special one-off return of the popular Where are they now? article which focuses on various members of the CZ team ...

Awww!  Here's the two loves of my life ...

Issue 16 of Commodore Zone features a professionally printed full colour cover. The contents page is now also full colour and the mag contains a full page, full colour Retro Bouff picture at the back! This issue also comes with a special surprise FREE GIFT ... But we're not going to tell you what it is (or it wouldn't be a surprise!)

Covermount Contents

The software covermount for issue 16 of Commodore Zone contains a great selection of titles, some of which were previously unreleased on the C64! The covermount contains the exclusive Bouff Goes Retro demo by Jason Kelk featuring two bitmap images of the Bits babe, there's also the sample-packed duff 'em up Shaolin from Jon Wells and the previously unreleased World Boxing Champ from Michael Smith. You also get Balloonacy from Richard Bayliss (one of his best C64 productions so far), a special extended version of the superb Reaxion game from Jason Kelk and the obscure puzzle game Quantum. There's also a double helping of Get a Life cheat packs from Jon Wells, the excellent Synetic game from Frank Gasking (featuring separate intro and end sequences plus enhancements from Jon Wells). And if that wasn't enough you also get the nifty retro-blast Warpzone and the Cosine Dentro, both from 4-Mat and we've even managed to squeeze the the Jeff Minter inspired Camels in Space game by Richard Bayliss on the covermount too! That lot should keep you busy for a while ... !

Click here to download the two CZone #16 covermount .D64 disk images for FREE!
(The two emulator compatible .D64 disk images feature all the programs listed below - 290kb .ZIP)

Bouff Goes Retro! Shaolin Reaxion

Coverdisk (Side 1):-

Bouff Goes Retro! (Jason Kelk)
Shaolin (Jon Wells)
World Boxing Champ (Michael Smith)
Balloonacy (Richard Bayliss)
Reaxion (Extended) (Jason Kelk)
Quantum (BFB)
Get a Life #12 (Jon Wells)
Coverdisk (Side 2):-

Synetic (Intro) (Cyber Systems)
Synetic (Game) (Cyber Systems)
Synetic (End) (Cyber Systems)
Warpzone (4-Mat)
Camels in Space (Richard Bayliss)
Cosine Dentro (4-Mat)
Get a Life #13 (Jon Wells)

Synetic Warpzone Camels in Space

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