Catch Mayhem in CZone 14! Commodore Zone issue 14 - Out Now!! Me on the PC?  Maybe one day...!

And here it is at long last!! Issue 14 of Commodore Zone is now available from Binary Zone PD and it features 60 jam packed pages devoted to the mighty Commodore 64! In this issue we have a chat with the C64 coding hero Shaun "Trailblazer" Southern. As well as delivering a darn interesting interview he has also allowed us to use some of his classic games on the covermount - what a top geezer! The PD Zone focuses on C64 demos which feature graphics ported from the ZX Spectrum (go, go gadget hi-res mode!) Waz Pilkington goes dool on "Skate or Die" in his Tip Zone and we also have a natter with one of the original "Last Ninja" musicians - Anthony "Call me Tony" Lees!!

You want more? Okay, how about the worlds first magazine review of the Back in Time 2 audio music CD from Chris Abbott! Not only do we check out every single track on his CD but we have TEN copies of the CD to give away in an exclusive compo!! It doesn't end there though! A plethora of C64 emulators for the Mac are examined by Craig Grannell and Jason Kelk puts the "WinVice" C64 emulator through its paces. Commodore Scene issue 26 gets the full review treatment from Kenz, Frank unearths some MORE unreleased C64 games, there's more coding capers in the Hex Files and the usual C64 musical tomfoolery in Waz's Covenant & The Sword feature. Did I mention you also get part 9 of the History of the C64, the Mayhem in PC-Land diary from Andy "blobs of exploded whale blubber" Roberts + even MORE great stuff? No? Well, you do!

There's one other thing you will notice about this issue of Commodore Zone ... For the first time the magazine features a glossy FULL COLOUR front and back cover! The cover artwork is from the "Back in Time 2" CD (our thanks to Chris Abbott for letting us use it for the cover) and the actual cover layout (and some of the content - hehe!) is inspired by one of the leading C64 mags of yesteryear - Zzap! 64!

Covermount Contents

For this issues covermount we have decided to treat you to a GAME FEST! Yup, we've devoted the majority of the covermount to an assortment of classic C64 games (and some spanking new releases too). For starters there's Reckless Rufus from Mike 'Kernal' Berry which is an ace puzzle game with a blobby green hero! To tie in with this issues celebrity interview we have THREE games by Shaun Southern - the seminal Kik-Start, the cool adventure romp Hero of the Golden Talisman and the surprisingly obscure but still splendid shoot 'em up Hummdinger. We also have a neat little underwater blaster called Sub! from Matt Simmonds, the wacky Bag of Chips music demo from Andy Roberts and the "Blimey, I keep seeing this thing everywhere" Pokémon Demo from Merman / Ozone!! As well as that lot there's also the Deadline compilation From the Visualize team which features THREE full games (and a snazzy intro) and to round off the covermount we have long awaited 100% complete version of Q-Billion from Cyber Systems. Cool or wot?

Click here to download the two CZone #14 covermount .D64 disk images for FREE!
(The two emulator compatible .D64 disk images feature all the programs listed below - 290kb .ZIP)

Reckless Rufus Kik-Start Golden Talisman

Coverdisk (Side 1):-

Reckless Rufus (Mike Berry)
Kik-Start (Shaun Southern)
H.O.T.G.Talisman (Shaun Southern)
Hummdinger (Shaun Southern)
Sub! (Matt Simmonds)
Bag of Chips Demo (Andy Roberts)
Pokémon Demo (Merman/Ozone)
Coverdisk (Side 2):-

Deadline (Intro) (Visualize)
Deadline (Game) (Visualize)
Dystopia (Visualize)
Tracer (Visualize)
Q-Billion Help (Cyber Systems)
Q-Billion (Cyber Systems)
Hex Files Data

Pokémon! Tracer Q-Billion
Please note that all the games on this issues covermount
are used with permission from the original authors.

10 reasons why you should buy this issue:-

• It has a rather gorgeous Zzap! style full colour cover •
• It features 60 professionally typeset pages •
• Shaun Southern & Anthony Lees are both interviewed •
• It's crammed with C64 info - and it's quite funny too! •
• There's a HUGE in-depth review of 'Back in Time 2' •
• And you can win a copy of the new 'BIT2' CD too! •
• Some great PC & Mac C64 emulators are reviewed •
• It's probably the best issue we've ever produced •
• There's no other C64 mag quite like it! •

Here's what people are saying about issue 14:-

"It was awesome! Flinking awesome!!" - Chris Abbott.

"What a cool issue of Commodore Zone!" - Phil Nicholson.

"I was absolutely amazed! The colour front cover and it's contents are utterly superb!
ZZAP *IS* back! How did you do it?" - Jon Wells.

"Well done in yet another FAB issue of Commodore Zone (issue 14).
BTW, I loved the colour cover in the format of our beloved ZZAP64" - Vinny Mainolfi.

"Wow! ... stunning is the word me thinks :-)
Another boundary pusher this issue, and the new look cover rocks" - Frank Gasking

"You did very good with CZ14. Well done. I enjoyed every bit of it" - Richard Bayliss.

"All-in-all a real stonka!" - Ross Sillifant.

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