Commodore Zone Issue #$13

Issue 13 of Commodore Zone is now available and is absolutely stuffed with C64 news, reviews and features!! This issue contains an exclusive interview with Zach Townsend, the hero who bought us classic C64 games like 'Platoon' and 'Batman - the Movie'! This issues "PD Zone" focuses on the superb digi demos by Even 'Cycleburner' Sharning and there's also an interview with Cycleburner himself! Waz Pilkington has delivered his usual tasty plateful of tips including an in-depth 'The Games: Summer Edition' playing guide. 'Doing the Park' is a one-off 'Diary of a Demo' which chronicles the production of the 'South Park' demo by Merman & the Art Ravers. A bevy of C64 websites are perused by our resident cyperpunk Andy Roberts and five pages are devoted to the famous "Comets Trilogy". This article contains reviews of the coin-op and C64 version of Mad Planets, Crazy Comets on the C64, comparisions of Mega Apocalypse™ on the Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore 64 and we also have an EXCLUSIVE review of the unreleased SNES version of 'Apocalypse II' - the amazing unseen sequel to Mega Apocalypse™!! 1990 is spotlighted in 'The History of the C64' and we also talk to Chris Abbott about his 'Back in Time 2' music CD. There's all this along with reviews of "It's Magic" and the fourth "Sound Interface Device" music CD, a preview of a cool new utility from Jon Wells, the 'Covenant & The Sword' C64 music feature, the 'Mayhem in PC-Land' game diary plus MORE!!

Covermount Contents

Cyberwing War of the Worlds Peanuts Demo

This issue of Commodore Zone features one of the best covermounts that we have ever compiled for the mag! It features the superb commercial quality game 'Cyberwing' by Jason Kelk, Boing '99 which is a new game from Matt Simmonds, 'Alien Task Force' which is an excellent 'Alien Breed' style game, 'War of the Worlds demo' by Jason Kelk which is based on the famous double album and Speccy game of the same name, the 'Peanuts' demo by Merman, 'Sign o' Times' which is a superb digi demo by Cycleburner and the 11th 'Get a Life' cheat bundle from Jon Wells. The covermount also contains the full versions of Mad Planets, Crazy Comets and Mega Apocalypse™ by Simon Nicol!! We've also managed to squeeze on the 'Mental Moons' game by Ash & Dave which is a tribute to the "Comets Trilogy!". As an extra bonus this issues covermount also contains the 'Bag of Lager' demo from Andy Roberts and the disk covermount contains the multiloading 'South Park' demo by Merman & the Art Ravers.

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Comets Trilogy Crazy Comets Mega Apocalypse!

10 reasons why you should buy this issue:-

• It has 64 pages devoted to the mighty Commodore 64! •
• It has 3 celebrity interviews (Zach Townsend, Cycleburner, Chris Abbott) •
• It's got Cyberwing, Crazy Comets and Mega Apocalypse™ on the covermount!! •
• There's a review of 'Apocalypse II', the unreleased sequel to 'Mega Apocalypse'! •
• It takes a light-hearted look at the C64's commercial, emulator and PD scenes •
• The general layout of the mag has been revamped and enhanced •
• The cover (by Steinar Lund) looks REALLY sexy! •
• This issue contains over 10 pages of reviews •
• It took over 20 people to produce this issue •
• Natalie Portman is the 'babe at the back'! •

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