64 Express Interview

Published in issue 1 of 64 Express (1991)

64 Express was a rather fine fanzine produced by Renato Uccellini, Matthew Watkiss and various other chums of theirs. The mag had a great gritty feel to it (oo-er). It was loud, harsh and occasionally clinically strange! With features like "News and Crap" and "Tommo's toilet humour" it promised to become the proverbial "Viz" of the C64 fanzine world. Sadly, only one issue of 64 Express was ever produced which is a shame as it was a very entertaining read.

The following Binary Zone PD interview is almost 100% UNCUT and contains some naughty words - hence the warnings. Binary Zone Interactive cannot be held responsible for insult or offence caused by the words "piss", "shit" and "Atari ST". I have censored this interview a tiny bit because I really can't believe some of this stuff was printed!! The language is so harsh it's almost as bad as an off-the-shelf PC or PlayStation magazine! (Hehe!)

P.D Profile with the Software Director / Co-Ordinator of Binary Zone P.D
The Leading P.D Company. CERT XX (it says here).

Name:- Jason Mackenzie (Or 'Kenz')!
Age:- 20 of your Earth Years!!
Social Class:- We live in a classless society my friends...
Birth-date:- August 11th 1971.

Fave Pop Star..I don't listen to that clag! I'm into Electronic music and I listen to : Mark Shreeve, Kraftwerk, J.M.Jarre, Peru, Koto, Laserdance, BIGOD 20, Exchange, Helmut Teubner, Master Program (Superb!) etc. etc. (Yes well we've all got our problems -Ed).

Fave Shiela..(You shouldn't have asked me that! - Here Goes!) Michaela Strachan (don't ask why!!!), Sherilyn Fenn and Madchen Amick (both from 'Twin Peaks'), Olivia D'abo, Kim Basinger (sheer sex!!!), Sophie / Home and Away!!!, Stacey Travis, Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi / Star Trek), Gabrielle Anwar (Press Gang), Michelle Pfeiffer, Glynis Barber (Before she cut off her hair and got old!! HE HE!)

Renz enquires?
Do you ever think that the possibility of transferring public domain to one hell of a mega-cartridge will ever become a reality in the future? Obviously a higher price tag would be attached but if the quality of the PD demos were able to be of higher performance then I'm sure that there would be a great demand and a good market for such a product. (You dare just put no!)

Kenz replies!
When the cartridge based C64 was announced, one of the first things I thought of was - a cartridge full of the very best and classic demos all fronted by a glossy selection menu produced by one of the superb demo groups! Just picture it - instant loading fabulous demos! Mega! But before I could even start planning such a project the C64GS flopped, so unless the cart-scene really picks up (like 500%)-then a Binary Zone cartridge will never be. But if someone else does one then I'd be one of the first to buy it! But what are other peoples views on this?!

Wokz enquires?
Has there ever ben or will there ever be a C128-only demo? As I know that the extra memory gives the machine even more potential for some stunning demos. If not, perhaps you could start catering for even more of the commodore owning public by producing some!

Kenz answers doubtfully!
I do not possess or know of any C128-only demos... I do have a demo that does an extra effect if run on a C128 (Called Up The Limits II by 'Antic' - on BZD158 - Plug plug!!) but that's about it! If anyone has got or produced a 'C128 only' demo then I would be happy to include it in my range of PD for other C128 users to enjoy. The potential is staggering, I just wonder why no-one has utilised it yet!

Renz nearly stumps him!
We have had a great deal of mixed views concerning the copyright laws of public domain, so we were hoping that you could shed some light on the subject?

Kenz sheds a 60watt halogen spot-light on the subject (?)
This is a very tricky topic indeed... Demos are generally not copyrighted by the users so they can be duplicated and viewed by many users with no problems, sometimes commercial products do get mixed up and included in PD-libraries but are quickly removed if software is found to be non-PD (I know this happened with certain Atari ST PD companies - but who cares!) (I do! - 'cause you've just mentioned a shat computer in a 64-only mag! -Ed) Utilities are mainly produced by groups to make life easier for everyone else, these are also PD (unless otherwise stated) so generally, PD can be freely copied and spread by anyone UNLESS some software is 'exclusive' to the company where you may need to ask permission to copy the software..... You should never duplicate commercial software! - Don't fo it kids!

Wokz asks the big one (oo-er!)
Although you own an Amiga and a C64 (Among others no-doubt!) - which is your favourite machine of the two? And why?

Ha! The classic question! Well, I prefer actually producing stuff on the Amiga because......I CAN! (Although my one project has taken OVER A YEAR to produce....SO FAR!!!). I found the '64 very tricky to code but with the Amiga I can knock out demos, music disks, slideshows, animations, etc. blah blah! One thing I love about the '64 though, is the SOUND!! The sid-chip must have been one of mans finest inventions and I have spent many hours enjoying music from Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway etc... I enjoy games on both machines - The '64 is damn good at smooth scrolling though - so where the Amiga may have 'Arcade Perfeck' graphics, the scolling probably wobbles about all over the place whereas the 64 version glides along without a glitch! I could go on comparing the two machines but I will sum up by saying I like both machines equally but for different reasons!

Renz sez - On a lighter note!
Where did the name of Binary Zone PD originate?

This was a hard decision! I thought of many names before finally deciding on 'Binary Zone PD'. Some other names I thought of were: 'Domain Sector PD' (Yeurk! -Ed), 'Digital Technology (Digi-Tech) PD' and even some fantasy style names like 'Necromancer PD' (Weh Heh! -Ed) etc. but I needed something and it just popped into my head! It began as Bynary Zone PD but I figured everyone would spell that wrong anyway so at that moment 'Binary Zone PD' was born... The Best of the Rest bit came later.

Quick final question from the crew (O.k so we were gettin' bored! - Ed.)
How often do you get a haircut?

Kenz gets pissed off!
Ho! Ho! very amusing! It was a very old photo that I sent you! (I was only 18!) Nowadays I get my hair cut ... ummm well, aprox ... erm EVERY SO OFTEN!!!! I figure it needs cutting when I start tripping over it! What sort of question is that anyway?! - (A bloody stupied one - Ed.)


Imagine I've just purchased a C64 and have struck an interest in obtaining some public domain! I am also a stingy little bastard. Persuade me to buy some via Binary Zone?
Firstly buy a disk-drive...secondly look at my Christmas update with cheaper prices! Nuff said!

Who do you most hate on planet Earth?
The ***** who invented the Community Charge and keep sucking my money out of my bank account! **** FRIGGAS!!

Which computer do you think is the shat-ist!
I think that the Atari S(hi)T is the shat-ist but they've got a cool advertising campaign and will no doubt sell loads of the shit things. Ho hum!

Tell us a sick joke?!?
Why do women have legs? Have you seen the mess a snail makes! He!He! (A classic oldie!)

Why do you think that Ocean have recently reduced their cart software by a fiver? Could thiz be good news for a B.Zone Cart? How?
Cos Ocean are clever and now more and more people will buy their luvely cart games - but that don't make me want to produce one yet, the sales must rocket and people must write to me gagging for a PD-Cart!

Who is your favourite character from VIZ?
The Bacons, Slat Fags and Nude Motorcycle Girl (Look at the tumblers on her - Ho!Ho!)

Cos They're Funny, why else? (Don't get stroppy with me young lad - Ed.)

Heh Kenz you red assed Mexican Greaser, bet you can't name one classic line from that chicken shit of a film, Young Guns
No I can't. I was pissed when it was on TV (surprise surprise! - Ed.) So I can't remember much of it!

Imagine you've just returned from your local quack eith the news that you only have 1 week to live. What are your priority objectives (oo-er!) in that time?
To shag Michaela Strachan! She could use a good hard shag!

All yours Kenz! Take it away!!
Take Away? Yum! Spare ribs for me! (B'ave - Ed!)

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